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That Thing Called, Living Angels
Edwina Luz Armada
September 2016

Angels are real. I’ve experienced them. :)

I had a good fortune of joining a group of wonderful meditation practitioners to have a meditation retreat, recreation and refreshment (RRR) at Peace Villa, in Tagum, Davao del Norte, one of the Brahma Kumaris meditation centers.

On the plane, everyone was seated near each other, shared food and checked if everyone was okay and comfortable. It felt like a family having a trip together.

We left Manila on a rainy and windy morning and yes, with a low pressure weather warning. Gratefully, Davao, welcomed us with a warm and sunny weather. Upon arrival at the Davao airport, we received a warm and loving welcome from fellow meditation practitioners from Davao and Tagum City. It felt like a family reunion of sorts.

From Davao airport, we took a ride to Tagum City which lasted an hour and a half. I felt so much love and excitement within. The moment we stepped into the space of Peace Villa, I knew why I was excited. We were welcomed by living angels, with powerful vibrations of love, feeling of belongingness, genuine smiles, a beautiful rose, and of course Davao’s sweet fruits & cold fresh juice. We were gathered on a pretty garden. It felt like I had a glimpse of what angels’ gatherings look like.

On our first day, after having a sumptuous and healthy vegetarian lunch, we had our ‘personal time’, and at 5 pm, we had a beautiful silence, meditation session and a meditation class. During the evening, the welcome party was not over; we were treated to a local dance, a welcome song, a nice native necklace, a gift, and of course, a fun game! Giving and receiving of happiness at its best!

On our second day, we started our day with a beautiful silence meditation session at 4 in the morning, followed by a meditation class. As we continued our meditation retreat, we definitely enjoyed the delicious vegetarian food, appreciated each other’s company and took the opportunity to just relax. It felt like a real family vacation!

The following day, it was a combination of meditation retreat, recreation and refreshment! It was beach time! We arrived at Anamarina Resort in Samal at around 7 in the morning. We took our time to refresh ourselves after around a 2-hour drive. I was amazed by our Balinese- style cottages facing the ocean! We had another great vegetarian feast at the beachfront. I was just amazed at everything happening beforeme.

In the afternoon, we continued experiencing calmness of the mind, reflecting, meditating, and enjoying the presence of nature embracing us. Such blissful moments!

I thought to myself, how beautiful life is when we are filled with lightness and clarity. Free from the not so good vibrations of the city, far from the noise and pollution, free from everything temporary and just experiencing pure feelings, inner peace, deep happiness and belongingness.

On our 4th day, we excitedly prepared to visit Island Buenavista, which was a few minutes’ boat ride away. Buenavista is known to be a beautiful, private and exclusive resort in Samal. Many activities awaited. Some of us swam and kayaked, while others explored the island and enjoyed the beachfront. Many even danced the zumba! It was another day of bonding and relaxation full of positive vibrations.

Let me share the beautiful scenes I captured at the Anamarina and Island Buenavista.

On our 5th day, we spent our time in Eden Nature Park where we also had a tour filled with so much fun and laughter. Thanks to our tour guide/photographer! We gamely followed her pose instructions and could not stop laughing at ourselves as we followed her pose instructions.

Sharing all the fun moments we had in Eden Nature Park:

During these 5 precious days, I truly felt I was in the presence of living angels. The care, love and belongingness I experienced were extraordinary. It was a different kind of travel experience where there was joy in deep silence, nature, sharing healthy food and great company.

It was more than just a trip. I feel it was a family bonding, a meditation retreat, an amazing relaxation time, a deep experience of nature’s wonders, a beautiful experience of the inner self and most especially, an encounter with loving and peaceful vibrations from the Supreme. I came back home filled with happiness, love and magical memories.

Traveling is more fun, with living angels! :D

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