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Destination: Subic
by Ellen Joy Anastacio
June 2003

Ocean Adventure is a small marine theme park where you can see pseudo whales and sea lions performing, have photo opportunities with the marine life, or view different species of fish in their aquarium. It's a great way for locals to enjoy this kind of entertainment without paying dollars to see them abroad!

Established 2 years ago near the Subic-Bataan border, for a P400 fee (for adults)/P320 (seniors and children), Ocean Adventure is a worthwhile sidetrip once in Subic.

Upon entering Ocean Adventure's doors, be prepared for marine shows and animals. Meet Thalia, one of the resident sea lions that perform regularly at the park.


This lucky guest not only got to shake flippers with Thalia, but also received a fishy, airy kiss from the sea lion! Thalia follows her trainer, Bianca around.

Thalia shows off how physically fit she is by standing on her flipers. Meanwhile, these pseudo-orcas do not fail to impress as well.

They take their trainers for a ride, They throw them off their backs..

They do back flips.. And they even play around with lucky guests!

There's so much more to Subic than these, of course. Go-karting, the casino, jungle nature trails, wilderness survival training, horseback riding, jetskiing, golf, and a whole lot more.

Intrigued? Take a gander and visit Subic. Who knows, it might be the start of a brand new adventure for you! 

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