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Strawberry Shortcake
(6 inch Round)
by Karen's Kitchen

Karen's Kitchen's unique take on the strawberry shortcake. A truly light sponge cake, fr...
 US$24.44     BUY
Frozen Brazo- Green Tea
(2 pcs. Loaf Size in a square box)
by Karen's Kitchen

A Karen's Kitchen original, Extraordinary sensations blend when the rich green tea ice c...
 US$36.52     BUY
Cheese Cake
(8-inch Round Splenda)
by Karen's Kitchen

Your good old-fashioned cheesecake, done Karen's way. Made healthier with Splenda sweete...
 US$37.35     BUY
Red Velvet Cupcake
(Regular: 12 pcs.)
by Karen's Kitchen

Karen's kitchen second bestseller! Red-hued Chocolate Cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing. T...
 US$33.33     BUY
Frozen Brazo- Strawberry
(2pcs. - 9x3 each size of loaf in a square box)
by Karen's Kitchen

A generous layering of luscious custard, strawberry ice cream, frozen strawberries, choc...
 US$39.05     BUY
Frozen Brazo- Manila Vanilla
(2 pcs. Loaf Size in a square box)
by Karen's Kitchen

Indulge in this comfort food with a twist. Luscious custard in just the right sweetness,...
 US$39.05     BUY
Duchess Apple Pie
by Karen's Kitchen

A macaroon crust, salted butter caramel, silky cream, baked apples. Sure to make you fee...
 US$36.22     BUY
Apple Crisp
(9-inch Regular)
by Karen's Kitchen

A unique twist on the apple pie we grew up loving. Apple cobbler with healthy crisp oat ...
 US$23.13     BUY
Apple Crisp
(9-inch Splenda)
by Karen's Kitchen

A guiltless indulgence: Sweet apples with a healthy oat top crust instead of a flour cru...
 US$23.70     BUY
Blueberry Sans Rival
by Karen's Kitchen

A fresh take on the classic favorite of nutty meringue, smooth buttercream in just the r...
 US$28.90     BUY
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